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    Breanna Manning faces death penalty →

    US prosecutors are set to call a Navy SEAL – possibly one who participated in the killing of Osama bin Laden – to testify against alleged whistleblower Bradley Manning to prove he ‘aided the enemy,’ a crime punishable by death in the US.

    A military court will examine the case to prove that Al-Qaeda directly benefitted from access to the classified diplomatic cables leaked by the 25-year-old soldier. Private Manning was arrested in May 2010 and accused of leaking the documents to whistleblowing website WikiLeaks.

    The new possible witness in the case was identified as ‘John Doe,’ and referred to as "the operator who actually collected the evidence in Abbottabad and handed it to an FBI agent in Afghanistan,” the Guardian reported.

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      Star courts? In America?? Who could have foreseen this happenstance!
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      *Breanna Manning
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      If Bradley Manning gets the death penalty I will lose my shit.
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